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Enter your printer model or cartridge code in the search box at the top of any page, if you are unsure of where to find these codes please see the below guide. Should you have difficulty finding what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.


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How to find your printer model

In most cases your model number will be on the top or front of your printer.

It doesn't seem to be there?

Another option is finding the serial number of your printer. On the back of most printers you will see a white sticker. It will usually have the printers manufacturers logo on it. You need to look for a barcode (sometimes there are 2). One is the product code which you do not need, the other is the serial number which identifies the printer.

If there isn't a sticker on the back check on the base or open the printer up and it should be there. Once you locate this barcode input the numbers above it into the manufacturers website and it will display your printer model.

I still can't find it!

If you have looked in the obvious places on the printer with no joy try going to the printer test page option on your computer. Printing out a test page will display your printer model. Alternatively find the cartridge code using the below.

How to find your cartridge code

When you purchased your printer it came with an instruction manual this will tell you what cartridge your printer accepts and its code.

I don't have the manual

Inspect your printer's box or the packaging of the last cartridge you've bought. The cartridge code is normally on both boxes.

I don't have the box either

Open the printer and allow the cartridge cradle to move to the middle. Look at the product code printed on each cartridge. If you don't see a code on the top, remove it from the printer. Look for a code printed on the side of the cartridge.

I still can't find it!

Visit your printers manufacturer website and look up the machine's model number. Read the printer's description or download an electronic manual to find the type of cartridge you need.