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Social Responsibility

"Products and service backed with Integrity: encompasses our approach to business."




When vetting suppliers and sourcing products, we focus on ethical trade, sustainability and worker welfare at the heart of our operation. We strive to not only offer affordable products but to do so at lowest impact to the environment.

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We mean business when it comes to growth, but we also try to do it in a way that adds genuine benefits to local communities while reducing environmental damage. As an online retailer are main focus is carbon emissions from deliveries and running our premises and waste created by packaging.

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Cultural, physical and individual uniqueness is a fact and one to be embraced. Striving to level the playing field in anyway we can will always be something we work towards.

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Having a positive effect wherever we can to people’s lives in the communities where we work from. Gear Geek aims to help disadvantaged individuals reach their full potential. Through partnerships and charity work we are keen to improve opportunities for people.

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Find out more about the varied projects we undertake as part of our companies wider ethos.