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Supporting Local Communities

Working With the Community

We’re proud that our success in business allows us to extend a helping hand to the local community. Recently we teamed up with local charity Andys Man Club to help them raise awareness so they can continue working at the heart of our community.

Andys Man Club


It’s Ok to Talk: The Power of Opening Up

Andys Man Club was set up to provide young men a place they can come to when they need to talk. Many men feel a unique set of pressures that are then compounded by their inability to find a setting in which they can open up. By reaching out, Andys Man Club allows men to work through issues and see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We were moved by their story and were honoured to have the opportunity to help raise awareness of the important work they do in our community.


Donating to Make a Difference: Our Approach to Charitable Giving  

When it comes to donating we always ask our charitable partners how we can make the biggest impact. Donating is about more than writing a cheque, it’s about investing in people and bringing communities together. To help Andys Man Club continue to reach out to men who need somewhere to open up and talk we recently donated a full set of football kits. Not only does this allow the team to look the part on the field, it also creates a bond between the players and gives them more ways to open up.

Inks Direct Charity

A Team On and Off the Field: Coming Together For the Greater Good

Partnering with the team is something we’re proud of and we see ourselves as their twelfth man on and off the field. We’re invested in what they do and we care about their success on and off the field. Hopefully in some small way this will help more men open up and get on board with the amazing work that’s going on and the help that is always available to them.

Inks Direct Support

A Community Effort: Because Community Matters

Our approach to charity and giving focuses on the needs of our community. By using a portion of our profits to help those in need we know that we can making a meaningful difference to people’s lives. It’s all about bringing people together, offering help, and reaching out to extend a hand. If we are able to help charities do that then we know that together we can bring our community together and find the people who need us.

Inks Direct Helping Hand


A Company That Cares: Our Passion

We’re proud to call ourselves a company that cares. For us it’s more than a soundbite or a slogan; it’s the way we approach each and every challenge. Whether we’re working with our customers or exploring new giving opportunities, we bring the same focus and passion to everything we do. Only then can we make a real difference to people’s lives and help enrich the fabric of our local community.

Inks Direct Cares