Update 3rd Aug 2021

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4 Baking Tips You Need to Remember At All Times

Posted on 3rd August 2021

If you are anything like most of the population, you probably have a love-hate relationship with baking. Meaning you like having the aroma of baked goods in your kitchen, and you probably love having that cookie with your tea, but oh boy, how you hate the baking process itself! Trust us, we’re not surprised and we’re definitely not judgmental about it. We’re just like you! That’s why we came up with a few useful tips on how to make that baking process smoother (no pun intended) and less stressful. Keep on reading!

First and foremost, follow the recipe. This is really useful especially when you’re trying out something new, something that you’ve never made before. And whether it is your family that you want to impress, or your significant other, or a friend, you want that cake to be perfect. Now, we understand that sometimes you might feel adventurous but that is not a good time to experiment. Once you have mastered the skill and the recipe itself, only then you can go crazy and perhaps add a new ingredient or change the amount of sugar the recipe requires you to add. It’s not that difficult, just follow the instructions and your baked goods will turn out amazing!

Next, measure your ingredients right. Now, this is an incredibly important step when it comes to baking, as we’re sure you know that adding a little bit more (or less) butter, or flour, or almost any other ingredient can mess up your masterpiece. It’s like a silent disaster that’s going to creep up on you when it’s the oven. So, what you want to do is avoid “eye-balling” the ingredients. Get all the special accessories you might need – weighting scales, measuring cups and spoons, timers, whatever it might be, chances are, you’re going to need it. Don’t get startled, however, it’s not as scary as it might sound. You’re not purchasing those things just to use them once and then forget about them forever. Instead, you will be able to use them as often as you would like! What a perfect way to up your baking game.

Let’s talk about the products for a bit. What you want for baking is that better, more expensive sugar, butter, or flour. We can’t stress enough how huge of a difference it makes mostly because these products tend to have a different amount of moisture, fat and protein in it. It might seem like it’s something that’s not as important as you might think it is but the final product will vary drastically if you keep using those day-to-day, cheaper alternatives. Yes, we are aware that baking might be quite an expensive deal, especially if you want to do it right, without suffering through countless of failed attempts. So, just remember, purchase better ingredients for a great final result.

"Baking is both an art and a science."

- Sherry Yard

Last but not least, something that will probably sound a little odd and perhaps even silly, but try to bake only when you’re in a good mood, when you want to make those cookies or that pie. The only thing worse than adding the ingredients in the wrong order is probably baking when you just simply don’t feel it. Chances are, you’re going to be rough on the batter, you’re going to add the wrong amount of ingredients, and your cake won’t turn out the way you wanted it to, which is going to make you even more upset. And we all know, that it’s a no-go. Therefore, instead of suffering through the pain of baking when it’s clearly not the right day for it, choose another time, when you’re calm and relaxed, so that your dough is also happy.

And those are all the important tips you really need to know! We hope you found it useful and at least a little informative. Now you can go and purchase those ingredients to make that perfect cake. Just remember, stay positive while you’re in the kitchen! Happy baking!

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