Update 10th Feb 2022

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Accessories Every Man Should Have

Posted on 10 February 2022

It’s not a secret that building the right wardrobe might be a challenging task for a man. It’s not just about what items one should have but also how to style those said accessories and clothes. It’s important to point out that when it comes to fashion, it's not only ladies who need their essentials. A man and his style are mostly recognised through the little things that are, in fact, “must-haves” if one is looking to build a nice wardrobe. Therefore, a man’s closet can be perceived as a work of art as it reflects his work ethics. So, what kind of accessories should he have in his wardrobe?


First and foremost, let’s just quickly note how important a watch is in man’s wardrobe. It’s a quintessential accessory that just never goes out of style. Whether it’s the newest smart watch or your grandad’s old watch that was passed on to you when you were just a child, it’s one of the easiest items to style and wear. It’s a favourite accessory for many men because it can make an exceptional timepiece. It also helps that it’s functional and just overall looks great. The general rule of thumb when you’re buying a watch is to invest in something good quality. It’s better to spend more money once than have a few grungy looking watches that don’t really add anything to your outfit, or even worse – sabotage your look.


Generally, the more ties you have, the better. But we do understand that not everyone wears ties on a daily basis and that is absolutely fine. However, it’s nice to have two or three ties that go great with a nice shirt and a good suit. Avoid inexpensive ties, as they will just look cheap and won’t match your expensive suit. And if you’re looking for a timeless piece that’s truly universal – it’s better if you invest in a navy tie made of silk material. It’s going to look great with either a white or a light blue shirt and will definitely match any colour of the suit you might have – black, navy, or grey. It’s definitely something worth splurging on.


Many men seem to think that scarves just for women but this can’t be further from the truth! They are great because just like a good jacket, a scarf has a dual purpose - you can keep warm and look stylish during winter. And all of that can be achieved simply by investing in a high-quality scarf that’s going to look good season after season. You can pair it either with a coat (especially a grey one) or with a jacket and you’re good to go. You’re never going to be cold with a scarf as it’s not only just a nice accessory, it will actually keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

"When I’m stylizing, it’s all about accessories."

- Zac Efron


A belt is just like a nice pair of shoes – if you invest in something that’s high quality, chances are, it’s going to last you for a pretty long period of time. Belt is an overall great accessory, as it adds some more style to your look and brings it all together. If you’re looking for something that’s going to last you ages, you might want to take a look at the leather belts as these ones are generally perceived as better. And when it comes to colour, try to go for a classic black or dark brown, as it definitely will match anything you want to wear it with.


Cufflinks give you a professional look and people know that when they see them on you, it means that you are serious about business. There are many cufflink designs that can be both smart and clean depending on your preference. They come in all different materials, shapes, forms and colours, so there is definitely a wide variety to choose from. They look great with any kind of suit and just bring your look together. If you never had those, consider investing in some simple ones – just to test them out and see how you feel about this accessory.

Building a gentleman’s wardrobe doesn’t have to be scary or confusing. With these essential pieces you can start feeling more confident about your style and start experimenting with your looks. Remember, it’s always better to invest in a nice piece rather than something cheap that’s not going to last you long. It’s all about just a few timeless items that will complete your outfit and make you feel confident.

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