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Anti Blue Light Filter Blocking Glasses

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Key Benefits

• Improve your circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle, promoting better sleep and overall well-being.

• Look smart and confident with trendy glasses, boosting self-esteem and perceived intelligence.

• Combat eye fatigue and headaches caused by blue light exposure, leading to higher energy levels and mental agility.

• Reduce the negative effects of digital blue light on eye health, preventing eye strain and fatigue.

Product Information

The average UK adult can spend up to 4 hours a day in front of some version of a screen. From tablets, phones, computers, laptops etc. Blue light glasses is the answer to protect your eyes. Exposure to digital blue light as been shown to lead to eye‐fatigue and headaches. Our tested blue light filter glasses offer a strong protection against it.

Our eyes gradually adapted to natural light sources as we evolved. Technology is a relatively new concept and the rate at which it is advancing it is no surprise that our physiology hasn't kept up. These new artificial light sources need to be combated using advances in the same technology, this is where our certified glasses step in.

Benefits of Our Anti Blue Light Glasses:

Improved Sleep

Our blue light glasses can improve your circadian rhythm a natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. This means the glasses stop your body clock thinking it's daytime aiding you to get to sleep and having a better quality sleep.

Smart and Confident Look

People believe you are smarter if you wear glasses. Our glasses can't promise extra IQ points but studies have shown that people who wear glasses feel more confident and our glasses are designed to look sleek and on trend.

Mental Agility

As you are no longer exposed to blue rays and the negative side effects, you will see an increase in energy levels throughout your day.

  • Material: PC plastic

  • Light Weight: 19g

  • Dimensions: 135*45mm

  • Unisex

1 x Pair of glasses

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