Posted by Gear Geek on 26th Aug 2021

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Essential Gaming Accessories

Posted on 26th August 2021

We all know somebody who wouldn’t be able to imagine a day in their life without unwinding in front of a computer screen with a controller in their hand. And we don’t blame them! It’s a fun way to de-stress after work, relax, or even spend some time with friends if you’re into online games. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer who spends all their time trying to forget about the existence of a real world, but you can make your experience more pleasant and comfortable just by upgrading some of your accessories. Sure, you can still use your work mouse and keyboard, but they are not designed with ergonomics in mind, so don’t be surprised when you feel that discomfort. That’s why we came up with a short list of items that are necessary for those long and entertaining gaming sessions. Just keep on reading!


First things first – a wireless back-lit keyboard. You can never go wrong with that type of accessory. All you need is a full-sized keyboard that will be easy on your wrists and comfortable to game on. The type of keyboard you use can have a massive effect on your gaming performance and it can either improve your efficiency or interfere with your path towards victory. That’s why you need to pay special attention to what you’re getting – invest in a good mechanical keyboard, which will serve you for years. You’ll see a big improvement in your precision and speed when playing, and you won’t have to worry about those unintended clicks that happen if you are using a membrane keyboard. It’s also going to be more durable, especially when you need to click the same keys multiple times with quite some force. It’s a great alternative if you want it to serve you for a really long time.


Secondly, consider investing in a good gaming headset. It’s essential if you are going to play with your friends. You don’t want them screaming through the speakers, instead you want to have a good microphone and truly comfortable headphones, ‘cause believe us, there’s nothing worse that taking off your headset after a long gaming session and feeling your ears burn. To avoid that, however, there’s one thing you can do – buy a headset that’s comfortable. Here’s what to look for: it can be wired or wireless – but ideally, both, as you can use it with either a Bluetooth connection or a cable if needed. However, try going lightweight, look for something that wouldn’t be too heavy, as that’s what tends to hurt your ears. Another thing to look for is a good sound quality, noise cancellation, and of course, a decent microphone that’s able to pick a wide frequency of sounds.

"The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it's too easy."

- Henry Jenkins


Moving on, if you’re a real gamer, you will probably know about this already, but we need to address one thing – having a good, ergonomic chair is absolutely mandatory especially if you like to play for quite a long time. It’s so easy to get that gnawing back pain if you don’t have the right chair. First of all, you’re uncomfortable, and then afterwards, you end up awake for hours on end because of the pain you experience. However, there is a way you can change that. Even if you’re not a gamer, we think that investing in an ergonomic chair is a really good idea. You need a chair with adjustable arm rests, a headrest pillow and a lumbar pillow. All of those are a must! An office chair you’re using is just not going to the job when it comes to your comfort. Remember, hunching over for a long period of time can lead to some very serious health issues, that’s why you should consider upgrading your chair to something way more comfortable and durable.

As you can see, there are ways you can drastically improve your gaming experience without going too overboard with it. The most important thing to remember about your gaming accessories is that all of them need to be tailored to your own, personal needs. Don’t be afraid to do some proper research before you actually invest in those things as they can get a little expensive, however, you’re not buying them to use only once, you’re investing in your own health and comfort, so that’s something you should definitely keep in mind.

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