Update 18th Nov 2021

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Holiday Gear Geek Gift Guide

Posted by Aneta Šitel on 18 November 2021 

Holiday Gear Geek Gift Guide

Ahh, Christmas time… Hot chocolate, decorations, warm fuzzy socks, fireplace – those are just a few things that come to mind when we think about December. It’s the season of joy, and happiness, and love, and acceptance. Every year when December comes around, we can’t help but notice how people become kinder and nicer to each other, willing to help somebody in need and make them at least a little happier. It’s truly magical, don’t you think?

During this time, we feel like giving more than we receive, and rightfully so. If there is a time to do that, it’s definitely around Christmas. However, despite our best intentions, coming up with a good gift idea can be sometimes quite challenging. That’s why it’s always useful to have a handy gift guide somewhere close and that is precisely why we came up with this item list which is going to help you navigate around this somewhat stressful time. Grab a notebook and a pencil and try to get as much inspiration from it as possible. After all, we’re here to help you out and make your Christmas a truly magical experience.

Universal Gifts 

Gear Geek Ear buds Pod 2

This little piece of tech is truly perfect for anybody. The buds can be used anywhere, at any time – just for lounging around in the house or when you’re out and about in the city running errands. They are small and comfortable, and they don’t take up much space, which is always a nice advantage. With a price of £24.99, these buds will ensure that your loved ones listen to their favourite music for hours on end. What’s more, the buds come in a charging case which can charge your buds up to four times! And to personalise it, just get a protective case for the buds – they come in all the possible colours to match your friend’s or partner’s style and vibe.

1080P HD Mini LED Projector

Who doesn’t love a good movie night, am I right? But what’s even better, is the fact that you and your loved one can get a true cinema experience from the comfort of your own bed! This LED Projector is designed to be light and portable, so it’s easy to carry it around and adjust the way you need it to. Watch movies, TV shows, look through your favourite photos - all on the ‘big screen’, aka your wall! It’s extremely easy to use, so if your friend is not particularly tech-savvy, don’t worry about it – they will surely figure it out.

Gear Geek Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

A good night sleep is probably one of the most important things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. And if you care for your friend or your family member, you’ll want them to get those eight hours of sleep. But what if they can’t fall asleep without some music on? Or a calming noise, like waves beating against the rocks or the sound of rain? We get that and that’s where we step in. With a beautiful design, this Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker will not only look great by somebody’s bedside, it will also improve the audio of whatever it is that they are listening to. You definitely won’t regret giving somebody a gift like that!

Gifts for him

Gear Geek Luxury Shirt Cufflinks for Men

Let’s be honest, getting a gift for a man can be quite complicated, especially when they don’t give you even the slightest hint of what they would like to receive. But there are ways to go around it. For example, it’s a good idea to give him something he would wear on a special occasion, like cufflinks. This particular accessory is special enough to give to your loved one but also would work great if you wanted to treat your friend or a family member. Get a unique bow tie with this and the gift for him is ready. Simple and elegant, what else could you possibly want?

Beard Growth Kit

Another great idea for a present for your man would be something tailored to his need. Say, he has a beard or wants to grow one, so why not help him maintain it? This beard kit arrives packed in a luxury gift box with Gear Geek’s logo on it and it includes the beard roller, beard growth oil, a comb, and a disinfectant. It’s all he would need to get started with a beard! It’s so easy to use and the results after using this will be amazing. Why not to try it?

Gifts for her

Makeup Brush Set

Is she the one who just loves experimenting with different make-up looks? Well, then we’ve got something that would make a perfect gift for her. A set that will make everybody else jealous – it includes six larger fluffy brushes and nine smaller dense brushes. But that’s not all! It comes with a brush cleaner as well as a make-up sponge. How cool is that? She’s still going to spend a long time to get ready but at least she’ll be using something that will make her happy. Treat your partner or your best friend to something they can pamper themselves with. These kinds of presents are definitely best of the best!

Ladies Smart Watch

Is your girlfriend always in a rush? Or did she dream of having a nice watch on her wrist to help her track the time? Maybe she just wants to add some oomph to her outfit? Anyway, there is a solution to that, and it is a pretty good one. Watches were always one of those best things to give somebody for Christmas and for a good reason – they are elegant and chic. So why not to treat your loved one to something extraordinary with this high-end piece that is beautifully designed to add a feminine touch to any outfit she might wear? It’s not only going to look great on her wrist but with this smart watch, she will be able to track her body conditions, such as her heart rate or blood pressure. It’s such a great gift for anybody!

With Christmas coming up so quickly, it’s important to start shopping early, so that you don’t lose your head when the time finally comes. We understand that you want only the best things for your loved ones, and we do our best to make our promises come true. Therefore, we hope you enjoyed this little gift guide and got inspired to start shopping already. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

Stay tuned for more useful and varied Gear Geek resources in the coming weeks and months, including guides on our new and exciting products.

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