Posted by Gear Geek on 16th Sep 2021

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How To Effectively Organise Your Wardrobe

Posted on 16th September 2021

We’ve all been there – an unorganised wardrobe is nothing to be ashamed of but it’s definitely something that you can improve. You might think that you have nothing to wear, but I can assure you, if your wardrobe is full, you most likely have something to put on. All you need to do is to re-discover it. And what a better way to do that than to organise your wardrobe? I know it can be stressful and it might seem like a lot of work, but the end result will truly make you happy and it will leave your wardrobe looking all fresh and clean. Let’s get straight to the point, however, where do you even begin with all this organisation?

Take everything out

That’s right, take all your clothes, and throw them onto your bed or even on the floor – who cares? Make a real mess before you actually start organising. By doing so, you will give yourself a whole new ‘canvas’ that you can work on and starting from a clean slate is always a good idea. Chances are, you will find clothes from years and years ago. Clothes you completely forgot about, clothes that you don’t wear or don’t even like anymore. Save all of it for the time being, ‘cause you will definitely need that energy for a task that lies ahead of you.

Empty your wardrobe completely, make sure there’s absolutely nothing left in it. If you feel like you’re up for the task, wipe up the shelves, make sure those are spotless as well. Put your favourite scented sachet in the wardrobe to make it smell nice. Step aside and look over at all the clothes you were able to acquire during the years. Now that’s where the difficulties start.


Decluttering might sound like a good idea (and it really is!) but most of us are actually scared to even think about that. It’s because we associate it with loads and loads of tedious work, and due to the fact that humans are lazy by nature, we simply don’t want to do it. But here’s a little trick to actually getting it done – don’t plan it, don’t think about it, just turn on your favourite song and do it. It’s as simple as that – no overthinking, no preparing. That’s how you trick yourself into doing something you’re not particularly fond of.  

But what does decluttering actually mean? Well, by its definition, it’s removing unnecessary items from an untidy place, which in this case, is our wardrobe. Here is the most complicated task – dividing one huge pile of clothes into at least three smaller sections: sell/donate, throw away, keep. Right of the bat, I must warn you, the ‘keep’ section is probably going to be the biggest. You will want to keep as many items as possible, even if you don’t wear them anymore. ‘What if I decide to wear it with that one jacket or those jeans?’ You’d probably end up thinking, and it’s really hard to let go of that mentality. But what you need to do, is to be real with yourself – are you ACTUALLY going to wear it? If you haven’t worn it in a year and haven’t missed it, you probably won’t regret giving it away or selling it. Just remember, this way you’ll make more room for the clothes that you like. Plus, more wardrobe space means new clothes, and that’s always something to look forward to.

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned."

- Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to ‘throw away’ section, however, look for clothes that are ripped (but are not supposed to be), stained or damaged beyond repair. You wouldn’t keep a broken mug, so why do you let those damaged clothes to take up that important space in your wardrobe? And for ‘sell/donate’ – it’s straight-forward, really. If you don’t like this one particular piece of clothing, it doesn’t mean somebody else is not going to enjoy it. Sell or give away, it’s totally your choice, just don’t hold onto items that don’t bring you joy anymore.

The actual organising

There are various ways you can sort out your wardrobe – by season, by colour, by the type of clothing. Some people prefer to declutter their wardrobe every season and organise their clothes according to the weather. Others feel like it’s easier to create outfits when their clothes are sorted by colour. What I am trying to say is – there is no right or wrong way to do it. The best judge in this situation is you, as only you can decide what you want your wardrobe to look like.

Therefore, grab that big ‘keep’ pile of yours and start sorting. From this one massive pile you will be able to get a few smaller sections which is going to be easier to put it in your wardrobe. Maybe while doing so, you’ll think of a few new outfits, new combinations and styles. You never know! I realise this task might seem tedious and boring, but honestly, you will be glad you did this. After you’re done organising your clothes, you will be able to see everything more clearly, you’ll know what items of clothing you have, how to style them, and best of all, you won’t have to struggle finding that one top you really want to wear. I encourage you to give this a try.

To conclude, it’s really not that hard to organise your wardrobe. Of course, it takes time and effort, but so does everything else in life! If you feel like you might struggle with organisation in the future, select a date (like an event or a long weekend, or just do it on a whim when you’re bored) when you’re going to re-organise everything that you’ve gathered. It’s good to do it every couple of months or even more often if you struggle to find something that you know must be there. Remember, good organisation skills are essential when it comes to leading successful life.

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