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How To Keep Your White Shoes White

Posted on 28th January 2022

Do you own a really nice pair of white trainers? Are you afraid to wear them because you don’t want them to get all dirty? We get you, that’s a real struggle. Keeping your white shoes white is truly a difficult task! There’s no denying that. Some people even avoid buying white shoes because of that matter. But they are such a staple piece of one’s wardrobe, you just can’t ever go wrong with them!

But did you know that there are ways that you can keep your white shoes white all the time? Of course, it does require time and effort, but the result of this is going to be amazing! A little bit of scrubbing here and there along with some good maintenance can really transform your attitude towards white shoes. Don’t believe us? Well, then keep on reading and we’re going to teach you how to make the most out of your white trainers!

First of all, if you just got a pair of white shoes, consider treating your shoes first with an appropriate repellant. Most shoes aren't really waterproof to begin with, so it's a good idea to pre-treat your new pair of shoes before wearing them. Apply it every few weeks to maintain the quality of the shoe. Remember that different materials require specific types of products to treat it properly - using an incorrect product will damage the material instead of protecting it, so make sure you read the labels. Oftentimes you can also ask for an appropriate product at the shoe shop – the shop assistant will most likely recommend something specifically for your pair of shoes.

Another thing worth mentioning and really remembering is that you should never, ever, under any circumstances wash your white shoes in the washing machine. There are some brands that will tell you that you can do so, however, you are really risking damaging the soles of your shoes. If you really want to wash them, do it by hand. Just get some soap and a bucket full of warm water, take a cloth and wash them this way – the shoes will not get damaged and you’ll do a good work by getting rid of the stains. You can even grab an old toothbrush to scrub those smaller parts of the shoe.

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.".

- Imelda Marcos

Before washing your shoes, however, remember about removing the laces and the insoles of the shoes – you can wash the laces but don’t put water on the insoles, these are a nightmare to dry as they are usually made of foam. Next thing you want to do is to start by adding some laundry detergent to water. Never apply your detergent directly onto your shoes without diluting it first, as this may damage the shoe or leave stains. Take a brush or a cloth and give your shoes a proper scrub using that soapy water. And when you’re done with that, just rinse it all off and leave your shoes to dry.

Just like with the washing machine, you don’t want to tumble dry your trainers, as the heat from that will surely affect the sole of the shoe. The best thing to do would to leave your shoes to air-dry, ideally not in direct sunlight, but somewhere outside in the shadow. If it’s summer, then that’s not going to be a problem, in winter, however, you can just put the shoes on the drying rack. It will take longer for them to dry, that’s for sure, but that’s better than putting them on a radiator and risking ruining the shoes altogether. You will have to be patient.

Finally, when your shoes are dry, make sure to give them a proper shine to remove any water marks that may be there after washing. And remember to store your shoes properly – avoid direct sunlight as it can cause the white to dull overtime. You will, however, notice that they start to lose their whiteness and turn slightly yellow at some point anyway, as the paints oxidise with the air. But that’s nothing to worry about. Just do not over-wash them as it can wear away the material your shoes are made of.

To conclude, there are definitely some ways you can make sure your white shoes stay white for a longer period of time. None of them are particularly easy, nevertheless, it’s worth investing your time into it, as it’s counter-productive to buy new shoes every time they get slightly dirty. Consider buying an appropriate repellent to treat your shoes before wearing them, and give them a nice wash every once in a while to maintain the colour.

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