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How To Pick The Right Shoes

Posted on 21 January 2022

Picking the right shoes might be overwhelming for some people. After all, there are so many things you need to take into consideration – do they fit, what do they look like, are they comfortable, do they match the outfit? The questions go on and on. But it doesn’t have to be scary. We all went through this at some point in our lives, and look at us, we made it! Did we make a good choice? That’s another question. But we didn’t end up walking around the city barefoot, and that’s already something. However, let’s face this – it’s important to have comfortable shoes. When running errands or going out with your friends you want to be able to enjoy your time, without a hint of worry about whether these shoes will give you blisters. So, how do you choose the right footwear? The answer to this question is fairly easy.

If you don’t feel it – don’t buy it

First and foremost, something you need to remember – your shoes reflect you as a person. We always say that if you didn’t fall in love with that particular pair of shoes, don’t buy it. Sure, you can try them on and see how they look on you but if it doesn’t feel right wearing them and you’re just looking for a quick fix to your problem, you most likely will end up not even wearing them. So why waste your money on something that’s just going to clutter your wardrobe? It’s better to spend some more time looking for a pair of shoes that will steal your heart, a pair that you’d enjoy wearing on a daily basis. Therefore, don’t settle until you find the shoes that just feel so right.

Aim for comfort

Now if you know you’re going to be outdoors a lot, simply don’t get high-heels. Of course, these shoes look great paired with a nice dress and they are wonderful for a night out, however, if you’re just running errands or going shopping, you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice your comfort for this. Aim for the shoes that have you won’t get blisters in, that would be comfortable to wear and easy to style. In this case you’re probably better off looking for something classy and timeless, rather than something very colourful and vibrant that won’t match most of the outfits you own.

"For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places."

- Seo Min Hyun

Try before you buy

It’s always a good idea to try the shoes on before you buy them. Frankly, how else would you even know if they fit you, if they look good on you, if they match your personality? So, just try them on, walk around the shop and see how it feels. Don’t be shy to really test them, after all you’re the one who’ll have to walk in them. Sit down, wiggle your foot or just simply move it around to see if there’s anything that would feel wrong. If there’s anything that’s rubbing your foot uncomfortably, that’s probably a sign that they won’t be a good fit for you. Shoes need to be comfortable from the very beginning, don’t just assume that you can break them in. It’s not always the case! Moreover, don’t pay attention to the size on the shoe. If your usual size feels too small, then grab a shoe one size larger, even if that’s not what you normally wear. Shoe sizes will always slightly differ, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Examine the shoes

Now, you’re anything like us, you want your shoes to be durable and last for at least a full season (preferably more, especially if you’re paying a lot for them). What you need to do in this situation is to make sure that the shoes you’re buying are made of good materials. Examine the sole, the upper, insole, tongue – basically anything that catches your eye. Pay extra attention to the seams on the shoe – these need to feel secure. Make sure that the sole of your shoes is think and durable. You don’t want anything thin and flimsy, as the main purpose of your shoes is to protect your feet. Finally, what you really should be looking for is the stitching between the sole and the upper. This only means that the shoes are very high-quality and will last you longer. Try to avoid those glued on soles, as they won’t be as durable as the stitched ones.

To sum up, finding the right shoes might be such an ordeal for everybody and we perfectly understand that. However, if you stay alert and keep your mind open, we are sure you will find the shoes of you dreams. Remember, try going for something durable and comfortable, as you want those shoes to be around for as long as possible. Don’t pay too much attention to the sizing and make sure you examine the construction of the shoes before you buy them. Happy shopping!  

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