Update 25th Feb 2022

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How To Style A Scarf For Men

Posted on 25 February 2022

Nowadays scarves are mostly worn by women; it’s quite rare that a man would reach out for it on his own. So, let’s dive into history for a little bit here, because the origins of scarves go back to military usage. Back in the day, the colour and style of the scarf ensured that soldiers across ranks could be differentiated. Later, a warmer type was worn by the pilots who were exposed directly to the elements. As it was cold in the cockpit, they needed to find a way to keep themselves warm, so a scarf became their go-to accessory. Today that’s not the case anymore – the cockpits of the planes are warm now and the pilots don’t need to wear scarves and as a result, women have taken over this fashion accessory.

First and foremost, you need to know what you’re working with. Explore different scarf options – whether it’s the material or the length of the scarf, you want to know what is going to look best on you. It might seem like an underrated thing but trust us, this is important. So, when it comes to materials, you’re looking at so many alternatives – acrylic, wool, cashmere, even silk or linen. You can choose the correct material depending on the weather. For example, wool would be perfect for those cold winter mornings, and linen would be ideal for a brisk walk in the park in spring.

Now, what about the length of the scarf? That’s a good question. But let us walk you through that as well. A shorter scarf is anything less than 60 inches, while an average sized scarf falls between 60 and 80 inches. Regarding width, a standard size is six to 12 inches. Of course, if you follow fashion shows, you might have noticed another trend – big scarves. Those look almost like you’re wearing a blanket, they are so wide and so long! But realistically, would you want to go for such a look? That’s for you to decide.

Now that we have established all the basis, let’s have a look at how to actually wear a scarf. Let’s say you’re not interested in staying warm and you just want a scarf for the style. It’s not even about the colour, or the material you decide to wear, as it’s all about how you style it. Go for more a “drape” look – don’t tie it, just put it around your neck to frame your coat, neck and face. However, you need to remember one thing about the length of the scarf – it has to be just right for it to make you look your best. What you’re aiming for in this type of wear is short or regular size. Anything longer will look awkward and will make your whole look feel poorly-constructed. You want equal lengths on both sides of your neck that line up with the lapels of your jacket or coat.

"Wear an unusual accessory to complete your outfit."

- Chelsea Leyland

If, however, you want to wear a scarf for warmth, there’s also a piece of advice you can follow. Aim for the material that will keep you warm, it can be either acrylic or wool. For the styling itself, the looser and more informal method for wearing a scarf is to wrap it around your neck but also to leave one end of it longer. This long section goes once around the back of the neck and then to where you started. However, if this approach seems too loose or baggy for you, consider taking it with two loops instead when wearing a thicker scarf. This will give you a nice, put-together look.

Remember, a scarf is an accessory, so you want it to look good with the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a grey coat, aim for a neutral-coloured dark scarf (sort of like Sherlock Holmes style), and if you’re wearing a beige jacket, you might want to add a scarf of a similar colour. It’s that simple!

Styling a scarf doesn’t have to be daunting. After all, it’s an accessory that has been around for years! So, go head and wear it to show off your style, or simply to stay warm during those cold winter months. If you style it right, we’re sure you’re going to be on top of your game.

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