Update 5th Feb 2021

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How to use a SAD Lamp What is a SAD Lamp and how do you use it?

A SAD Lamp is a completely revolutionary product, yet many often wonder what it is, and how do they actually go about using it? Luckily, this guide will help to explain how you can easily use a SAD Lamp to manifestly transform your happiness and wellbeing. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes sadness or depression when the seasons change. It most typically affects people during the Autumn and Winter months, when days become short and exposure to sunlight decreases. The Disorder is most common in women and young adults, and though a variety of treatments can be effective for this condition, Light Boxes (a.k.a. SAD Lamps) are a very effective option for relieving symptoms and providing relief- as they work by replicating natural daylight.

Using a SAD Lamp correctly is important yet very simple. Firstly, it is important not to start using a SAD Lamp without first acquiring your Doctor's approval, particularly if you have been diagnosed with conditions such as bipolar disorder, and if you take medications like antidepressants. Secondly, to get the most out of your SAD Lamp you should use it daily until daylight hours increase, and feel free to experiment with the time frame you use it for- some reap the benefits after 20 minutes, some may need up to 60 minutes of exposure to feel the full effect. Moreover, you should consider when to use it as this could affect your experience. Some experts recommend using a SAD Lamp first thing in the morning, others recommend using it in the day- try and find what time works best for you. Do be sensible in how long you use the lamp for , a combination of the Lamp and fresh air outdoors often works best.

Furthermore, it is important to position the lamp so that it's providing you with downward light that does not shine directly into your eyes. Here, it is best practice to follow your manufacturer's recommendations, as your lamp should come with recommendations for how close you should position yourself to it- this is crucially important as your distance from the Lamp will affect your Lamp's Lux capacity.

What benefits does a SAD Lamp offer you?

A SAD Lamp offers you a plethora of benefits that will truly transform your health and wellbeing for the better. As aforementioned, SAD Lamps stimulate sunlight, which helps trigger the brain to release Serotonin- commonly dubbed the 'feel-good' hormone. Studies have shown that using light therapy during periods when daylight hours are short can help adjust your circadian rhythm (the body's process for regulating your sleep-wake cycle). This is hugely beneficial for improving mood and reducing symptoms of Depression.

Light therapy has become a widely-accepted practice for alleviating SAD and other conditions such as: jet lag, Dementia and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Using a SAD Lamp can help significantly to alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), helping to boost your mood. Moreover, by helping to replicate the Vitamin D benefits offered by sunlight, SAD Lamps can promote increased brain function, and help improve your blood flow, vision and mood. It crucially also helps to induce sleep and can substantially improve your quality of sleep.

"SAD Lamps can be effective when used as a solo treatment or when combined with other forms of treatment".

- Corey Whelan, Freelance writer for Healthline.


In summary, SAD Lamps are very effective and beneficial pieces of equipment, and they continue to grow in popularity every day. Their ability to replicate sunlight and thus generate the same crucial benefits of actual sunlight mean that they are the perfect choice for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and those who generally are suffering from low mood, poor sleep quality, lethargy and poor vision.

It is crucial to remember to seek your Doctor's approval before using a SAD Lamp, particularly if you currently take medication like antidepressants. Also, follow the manufacturer recommendations for positioning the SAD Lamp to ensure you get the safest and most effective experience, and try not use the Lamp for more than 60 minutes a day as you can have too much sunlight exposure from a SAD Lamp. However, if you follow all these protocols and use the SAD Lamp correctly, who can complain about the benefits of it? Improved sleep, mood, blood flow, brain function, vision and wellbeing- you would be mad not to get yourself a SAD Lamp!

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