Update 20th Jan 2020

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We all know that feeling when you just can’t bring yourself to start a piece of work. Or how about those times when you get going and soon find yourself reading the internet or playing with your phone?

It’s what the experts call procrastination; and when it comes to being productive it’s like Kryptonite. To give your work the extra boost it needs why not take a look at our top 5 ways to defeat procrastination once and for all.

#1 Start Off Small

This may sound a little counterintuitive, but if you want to work like you never have before the secret is to start with something quick and easy. By building your confidence that you can get something done nice and quickly you’re essentially giving your powers of concentration a much needed warm up. You’ll get that sense of satisfaction from having completed something, but you’ll have expended virtually no effort or energy in doing so. That’s why starting small is the perfect way to lay the foundation for a successful day.

#2 Make the Big Tasks Small Tasks

By breaking down large tasks or projects into small achievable milestones two things will happen. You’ll be able to focus much better as you’ll be able to see a clear roadmap for where you’re going. And you’ll also get regular encouragement and motivation from having finished something. So not only are you being more efficient with your workload, you’re also motivating yourself as you go. Ideal for being able to keep up your productivity over a sustained period of time.

#3 Understand Why You’re Doing It

There’s no better way to beat procrastination than to motivate yourself. When you understand why you’re doing something you can use that to create a desire to take action and get the job done. This is a great mindset to approach your work in because not only will you be more productive and successful, you’ll also take greater pride in it. Next time you find yourself on Facebook when you know you should be working, ask yourself what your ‘Why’ is.

#4 Reduce the Distractions and Bench Your Phone

Distractions are all around us, especially if you have access to the internet at work. Popping your phone to one side and closing YouTube on your browser is a great way to make your productivity take off. You may think that these things are just a way to have a quick break, but really they’re derailing your concentration for hours at a time because every time you build a head of steam you get distracted. Put them aside for a couple of hours and you’re sure to notice the difference.

#5 Give Yourself a Reward

Being productive and defeating procrastination doesn’t have to be all stick and no carrot. If you promise yourself a reward at the end if you meet some mini goals for the day or objectives for the week then you’ll get the extra bit of motivation you need. Treat yourself to a takeaway or whatever you feel like. Then set your next set of goals and repeat!

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