Posted by Inks Direct on 24th Aug 2020

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With the summer months here at last it can be easy to sit back and relax in the sun and give yourself a well earned rest. Whilst there’s certainly no harm in doing just that, you still need to keep your productivity levels up when the sun is shining otherwise you may end up working late into those lovely warm summer evenings. Here’s a few pointers on how to make sure your productivity doesn’t wilt when the sun is shining…

Hydration is Key

You’re approximately 70% water which means you can expect big dips in your performance levels if you are even slightly dehydrated. There’s also far more to it than feeling a bit thirsty or trying to combat a sweat. When you break sweat you’ll lose electrolytes which are essential for muscle and brain function. Many people associate hydration with physical exercise and sports, but it’s just as if not more important if you want to be able to be creative and focused when it comes time to work. Keeping a sports drink to hand so that you can keep those neurones in your brain firing on all cylinders is a great way to escape the lethargy that so often comes with trying to work in the summer heat.

Working Outside May Not Work For You

We all get tempted to join the crowds with their laptops and have a working lunch outside on the grass. It looks like the perfect way to get creative and relax at the same time, but the truth is it may not work that well for you. The thing about being outside and relaxing is that you’ll do exactly that, and your productivity levels will drop as a result. There are too many distractions outside for you to have your head fully immersed in your work. There’s also the often overlooked issue of comfort. Sitting on the grass trying to work isn’t all that comfortable and it won’t be long before you start fidgeting and fiddling trying to get more comfortable. By all means have a nice relaxing lunch where you soak up the sun, but keep the work indoors and you’ll feel the benefits.

Cooling Matters

We’ve all let our offices get swelteringly hot and the flicked the switch on our desk fans in the vain hope that they’ll stop us feeling like we’re melting. The problem with this is that you’re then just blowing hot air into your face in a misguided effort to cool yourself down. Make sure you get those windows open nice and early before the sun really starts to hit the building and you’ll be able to stay nice and cool with a natural breeze. Then when you flick your fan on you’ll feel refreshed in an instant.

Light Bites

When you eat a hearty meal your metabolism kicks in and your body temperature will increase. By sticking to light refreshing foods during the working day you’ll keep your energy levels constant and be able to avoid feeling fatigued or lethargic during the afternoons.