Posted by Inks Direct on 1st Apr 2020

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When you want to start moving the needle so that you can make more progress with every passing day the secret is to fully embrace the art of self improvement. By looking at what you do right and what you don’t do quite so right you’ll be able to push on even when you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder. Sounds simple, but there really is an art to it…

Little and Often

Too often we’re obsessed with huge breakthroughs and step changes that are going to transform our lives in a single day. Winning the lottery, a new crash diet, an amazing productivity app. The only issue with these approaches is that the times when they’re available to you are few and far between by their very nature. That’s not to say that they’ll never work, more that it’s better to deploy the little and often approach to life.

The idea is rather simple and it relies on the fact that when you chip away at something day after day you’ll see large changes in the medium to longterm. Not convinced? Think about Geraint Thomas…

He Just Kept Pedalling

No one in their right mind would suppose that Thomas won the Tour de France last week thanks to a crash diet and a couple of 100 mile rides the week before! He’s got there through year after year of training, dedication, and practice. It’s the accumulation of effort that has got him to the pinnacle of his sport. And it’s this same accumulation of effort that will lay the foundation for your new foray into the art of self improvement.

Become Your Own Best Critic

A critic is someone who highlights specific areas that need work, and they might even work with the person they’re scrutinising to move things forward. What I’m trying to say here is that it’s no good throwing everything away and starting from scratch in every area of your life. It’s just not sustainable and it’s not all that enjoyable either.

You need to start small and build. Perhaps you decide that this week you’re going to really double down and focus on your sleeping habits. Going to bed at a set time each night is perfect for avoiding social jet lag on a Monday morning for example. Commit to one thing at a time to start with and you’ll soon build momentum.

Keeping it Rolling

The final important message I want you to take away with you today is to remember that your choices are fairly arbitrary to begin with. You don’t have to stick rigidly to the first rule of sleep you trialled. The aim here is to find what works and what doesn’t, so don’t be afraid to experiment so that you can find what works for you.

If experience is anything to go by you’ll gradually narrow down your options until you find something that makes perfect sense. Then it’s onto the next area of your life!