Update 20th Jul 2020

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When you want to be able to approach things from a fresh perspective it pays to be able to break your routine. Let’s take a look at how this unconventional approach to work can help you power ahead and keep your productivity at its zenith.

A Fresh Approach

Breaking your routine every now and again is a great way to prevent things from getting stagnant. If you’ve found that your routine is getting a little stale, or that you have no issues working through anything on your to-do list whether you do it at a set time or not, then now’s the time to make a change. You don’t need to change anything and everything purely for the sake of it. What’s important is that you identify new areas you want to master and gradually begin fitting them into your routine. This will allow you to continue to grow in new ways, whilst keeping one eye firmly on maintaining the great progress you’ve already made to date.

Renewed Focus

You may find that you’ve begun to do things on autopilot as a result of a well established routine, and that this has its own pros and cons. The pro is that you get a lot done, but the con is that you may not be giving everything the attention and input you once were. By varying up the times and places you do certain tasks you can avoid the common pitfall that is going through the motions. Remember, if you really want to make your time count then you have to give everything your all and then switch off and move to something new. Making small changes to the order of events of the day will give your mind a new challenge, but not one so big that you end up seeing a big dip in your productivity levels.

More Enjoyment

Another great thing about breaking your routine every now and again is that it’s just good fun at the end of the day. If your approach to work is too rigid then you may start to feel burnt out, or start to lose focus and drive because each day looks and feels like the last. Leaving early every couple of weeks on a Friday, or having a working lunch in town midweek are great ways to break things up. Remember that all work and no play is not necessarily the best approach in the long run. On the other hand you don’t want to break your routine every single day because then you’ll start to drift due to lack of structure. View your routine breaks as treats and you’ll find them all the more rewarding.

Accountability Matters

You’re ultimately the one in charge of your routine which means you’re the one who’ll have to decide how it’s working and when you should break it. Hold yourself accountable for your decisions and don’t be afraid to backtrack if your changes aren’t working for you. We’re not looking for change for the sake of it here, but change that allows you to grow and recharge so that you can keep your productivity levels right where they need to be. 

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