Posted by Gear Geek on 19th Aug 2020

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Hitting the ground running first thing in the morning is the perfect way to get the working day off to a fast start. We all know the feeling of seeing those annoying morning people whistling on their way to work whilst we crawl to our desks. Luckily for you this sort of get up and go attitude first thing in the morning is something that can be learnt, just give it time and it will happen. Here’s how…

Never Sleep With Your Phone

When your alarm clock goes off you really do need to get yourself out of bed in the first 30 seconds or you’ll lie there for hours. Having your phone by your bedside is second nature to so many of us; especially as we now use them as our alarm clocks. The problem with this is that you can often end up playing on Facebook and Instagram for half an hour without getting up and doing anything. Sound familiar? Leave it downstairs and dust off the tried and trusted alarm clock you thought you’d gotten rid of years ago.

Invest in a Sunlight Lamp

This is a big one for those of you that struggle to inject energy into your mornings, especially during the winter months when natural light is at a premium first thing in the morning. The science behind why sunlight wakes you up is actually pretty simple. It stimulates chemicals in your body that wake you up and make you happy; the artificial light your standard lightbulbs emit just can’t do the same thing because it doesn’t contain the right mix of frequencies.

A sunlight lamp is a great way of waking you up the natural way, and you can even buy alarm clocks that come with them.

Split Breakfast in Two

A super heavy breakfast may feel like it’s setting you up for the day, but load up your stomach too much and you’ll feel sluggish and lethargic on your way to the office.

If you’re a lover of a big full English perhaps try saving it for a Sunday morning treat. On the weekdays you could take a protein shake or a smoothie the moment you get up to give your body an instant natural boost. Then a short while later sit down to a bowl of porridge to give yourself plenty of slow release energy that will get you through to lunch without the lethargy of a hearty meal, or the energy crashes of sugary energy drinks.

Have Some Downtime

Making a little time for yourself in the mornings is a great way to get yourself springing out of bed. Make sure it’s something more fun that watching TV or playing on the internet. Perhaps you could do a half hour in the gym on your way to work? Or how about giving the pooch a quick loop around the neighbourhood before you start your commute?

Get the balance right and you’ll be able to get the working day off to a fast start with little effort before you know it.