Posted by Gear Geek on 8th Oct 2020

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When you want to feel so happy that you’re walking on cloud9 on your way to work it can be hard to know how to achieve it can’t it? The problem so many of us have is that over time we can start to dislike our work, and at times we even loathe the prospect of having to go there.

To boost your productivity we want to help you rediscover that blissfully positive frame of mind that you had on your first day at work all those years ago.

Why Bother?

If you’re asking these kinds of questions then it’s definitely a good thing that you’ve stumbled across this article isn’t it!

The whole point we’re trying to make is that if you can get yourself into a frame of mind where you enjoy working, then it will become more enjoyable. This is a cycle where the more you put in the more you will get out in terms of satisfaction for a job well done. The problem is that it works in reverse: if you approach your work with resentment then you’ll soon reach a point where you simply can’t face going in ever again. And we certainly don’t want that do we!

Remembering What Matters

For most of us work is a means to an end. It’s something we do to pay our bills and provide for our families, so keeping sight of that is really important. One potential pitfall with this way of thinking is that you can think of work as something that gets in the way of family time and your hobbies.

The secret is to strike the right balance because no matter how hard you try to say that work doesn’t matter to you whilst forcing a smile on your face, it just won’t work. Remind yourself that whilst work isn’t the be all and end all, it’s what you do every day to provide for yourself and the people who love you. They appreciate you doing it and that’s something you should be proud of. So put in a real shift for them if no one else.

Don’t Dread Mondays

The simple way to not dread Mondays is to not gear your whole week around waiting for Friday. It sounds a little bit odd to not get too excited about free time, but honestly you should try it.

By all means put your feet up and relax on a Friday evening as you look back on what you’ve achieved, but don’t spend all week daydreaming about that moment. If you approach your work in that frame of mind then is it any wonder you dread Monday mornings?

Bond With Your Colleagues

In the week many of us spend more time with our colleagues than our loved ones, there’s simply no getting away from the maths on that one. This may seem like a grave injustice, but you can easily turn it around.

Show an interest in what they’re doing, help them out, and strike up plenty of chat in the lunchroom. Others will soon follow suit and before you know it you’ll be excited to head back on Monday so you can tell everyone what fun you had on the weekend.