As a comany we care about our customers feedback. In order to be as impartial as possible we do not request or collect any reviews directly.

Review requests are made in line with our third party review platform. To avoid false reviews only verified purchases are sent requests, to view our review profile visit the below link.

Secure Online Shopping

We understand people's concerns with shopping online in today's modern world. Gear Geek offers secure shopping every step of the way backed with verified third party collected review. The below shows how to stay safe online:

  • Our website is SSL protected (the green padlock in the address bar shows this and you should never shop on a site without this.)
  • Our checkout is PCI compliant (this means we never see your card information it is always sent securely to the merchant bank.)
  • We are a VAT registered UK based company unlike so many others. Many new e-commerce companies are people working from their bedrooms trying to make quick money.
  • We have verified third party review collection displayed on our website and products. Some websites simply add several reviews written fraudulently to mislead, these are pretty obvious as they won't be collected by a third party and simply display as text on their websites.

Advice When You Shop Online

  • Always check there is a phone number and it actually works!
  • Always check companies house to check the business exists!
  • Always check the website has the above security features!
  • Always check for third party reviews, if the website hasn't collected third party views you cannot rely on the review. To confirm if the review is third party collected or not you will typically be directed on the review itself to a review platform website when you click it.