Posted by Gear Geek on 20th Jan 2022

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What Colour Suits You?

Posted on 20 January 2022

Finding the right colour for your skin tone can often be quite a challenging task. You can try on multiple different clothes and jewellery and still be confused, and we don’t blame you! It’s not easy. However, it is still possible. If you want to be able to take your style game to the next level, you need to have this figured out. So, we’re here to help. Of course, you can always rely on a personal stylist to help you find the right colours but not everybody has the resources for that, and we perfectly understand that. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips that will push to you to the right direction when enhancing your natural complexion.

Cool tones or warm tones?

First and foremost, to figure out what colours you should wear, you absolutely need to know whether you have a warm or a cool skin tone. The easiest way to do that is to look at you arm in the daylight and observe the veins – if the veins have a blue tint to them, it means that you have a cool skin tone, and if they appear more greenish, then you have a warm skin tone.

This test is quite easy and fast to perform but what if you’re still unsure about your skin tone? That’s not a problem, there’s something else you can try and this time it’s going to involve jewellery. Grab a gold and a silver necklace and try them on one at a time. If you notice that the silver necklace makes your eyes pop and brightens your complexion in general, it means you have a cool skin tone, and if it’s the gold that does it – you skin tone is warm. Fairly easy, right?

Warm tones

Now, when you have established what skin tone you have, it’s time to look more closely at the colours that will compliment your complexion. With a warm skin tone you will notice that you tan more easily, you don’t really tend to burn in the sun, and your skin does not really get red – you just get a nice gold or brownish tan, and that’s wonderful! If you have a warm skin tone, the colours that will suit you best are shades of yellow, greens, browns, warm reds, oranges, and peach as well as coral undertones. And when it comes to jewellery that you can rock, you have already solved that mystery – it’s all the gold that will make you look amazing and glowy. What’s not to love here, huh?

"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this?"

- Pablo Picasso

Cool tones

If you noticed that silver is your best friends, then it means that you have a cool skin tone, which is just as beautiful as the warm one. With this skin tone you will notice that you’re not really able to tan as easily, you’ll either go red or burn, or won’t tan at all. There’s simply less pigment in your skin colour and the sun can cause some damage to it if you’re not careful. Moreover, with rosy and pink undertones, you’ll be likely to blush more easily. And when it comes to the colours you should aim to wear, it’s quite easy – shift towards anything that has blue undertones. Your colours are greens, purple, pinks, and blues. If you’re quite pale, it’s fine to wear pastels, just be mindful about it and don’t let the colour to cancel you out.

A general piece of advice

Obviously, you can try and only wear colours that suit your skin tone but it’s not the only rule you should follow. In fact, you might as well break that rule if you or your friends think you look great in a particular dress or a top. Don’t forget to consider your hair and eye colour as they are important as well. And always, absolutely always wear something that makes you comfortable.

Determining the colour that suits you the best is not easy. Of course, there are some quizzes online that you can take that will help you out, or you can ask your friends for advice, or you can simply figure it out on your own and forget about all the rules. There’s no correct way of doing it. First and foremost, have fun with it! Experiment, try on different colours and see what matches your personality and the way you are feeling. Clothes are supposed to be a fun way of expressing yourself, not some set-in-stone rule that you’re not allowed to break.

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